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HNI Services


We are offering HNI Services in equity and commodity for our HNI clients. We offers customized solutions & services for our HNI customers. We treat each HNI Client with the same significance as a huge company. Global mount Money provides highly personalized attention to our HNI Clients because HNIs have big money to put in markets, and also expects bigger profits.

Some HNIs want to trade less and infrequently and want steady return. We fulfill their entire requirement with our customized HNI advisory features. We create a safe trading portfolio for HNI’s, with balanced asset allocation to different trading products and can take care of the portfolio as an advisor.

The charges of HNI services are based on the profit sharing not monthly basis and the time frame for profit earning will depend on the market trends and conditions.

After subscribing our HNI services we will surely return 2.5 times more profit on our HNI Subscription fee to HNI Clients and 2 times more profit on our MINI HNI subscription fee to MINI HNI Clients.

The profit sharing for HNI clients will be surely 2.5 times profit on their subscription fee .


Note:- The duration of profit will not depends on time, it may be completed in a week OR take one month.








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